What are the kinds of goals you may be trying to reach?

Writing a Book

Many people feel like they want to be published, but the first step is to actually write the book. Dr. Hargrove has written multiple manuscripts and will be seeking publication for many more of his own books. As a published author he has the experience to help you get from the blank page to a fully publishable manuscript.

Getting Fit

At the age of 56 Dr. Hardgrove was grossly overweight and out of shape, but he literally transformed his body and health in dramatic fashion. He can help clients envision and achieve health and fitness goal, regardless of where you are starting from or how old you are.

Business/Vocational Success

Dr. Hardgrove taught in the MBA program in America and abroad. With his PhD in organizational leadership he has insight into steps you can identify and achieve to move their career and their organization forward.


With two doctorate degrees from regionally accredited institutions, Dr. Hardgrove knows what it takes to achieve academic success. As a professor and director of doctoral studies he helped many students achieve their dreams of higher education.

Spiritual Growth

Many people feel empty and unfulfilled at a spiritual level and they don’t know how to move forward personally or in ministry. Dr. Hardgrove has been a senior pastor for over thirty years and has served his denomination in ministerial and pastoral development roles. He currently serves his state on the ministerial development committee where he works with up-and-coming pastors in defining and developing their ministry. He is especially skilled in sermon preparation (hermeneutics, exegesis, homiletics).

Other Areas

People have dreams in many areas of life, and it is likely that Dr. Hardgrove will be able to help you clarify your goals and achieve the success in life that will bring about personal fulfillment and joy. There is no risk, and the first session is free so why not get started today? (Slots are limited.)

Contact Dr Hardgrove

Email drhardgrove@gmail.com for more information, or call 470-207-7065 (Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.) If there is no answer, leave your number and Dr. Hardgrove will return your call.