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  • Free Membership

    Hundreds of sermons provided in PDF format. Can be read online or downloaded and printed. All rights publishing rights are retained by the author (Mark E. Hardgrove). PDF files may be printed and copied as needed for use in the local church, but may not be sold, and the name of the author must be retained on all copies.

  • Basic Membership: $9.95 per month
    Basic (Yearly) Membership: $99 per year

    Hundreds of sermons (many of which are also in the Free Membership category, but will also include all newly written sermons from 2017 to the present) provided in Microsoft ©Word format. These may be downloaded and edited as needed for use as needed.

  • Blog

    Basic and Premium members also have access to a daily blog, which will address sermon preparation, provide ideas, illustrations, sermon titles with texts, sermon starters, and poignant quotes from various sources.

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