Building on a Firm Foundation

It may be a nice sunny day when we are building our house of faith, but the tribulations, persecution, fiery trials, and afflictions are inevitable.  The storm is coming and when the rain falls, the winds blow, and the floods flow, the substance of our faith will be revealed and the foundation will be exposed.  That foundation will either sustain us or fail us depending upon how we have responded to the teaching of Jesus.

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First Things First

Jesus said they were like sheep without a shepherd, and then Mark records, “So He began to teach them many things” This brings us back to the topics of priorities, goals, and training.  Jesus saw the spiritual need of the people and moved with compassion He began to teach them.  They were walking in spiritual darkness and His teaching was the light that could lead them out of darkness and into a new life of significance and purpose.  They were wandering around without spiritual direction or focus, so based upon His priorities and goals, before doing anything else, Jesus taught them.

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