It’s Late, But It’s Not Too Late

Like Israel, the history of the church shows that when things go from bad to worse in society, if a remnant will humble themselves, pray, repent, and seek God’s face, God can turn it around. Some of the greatest revivals in church history were sparked by some of the most unlikely people who simply fell on their faces before God. For example, in the late 1940s Christianity in the New Hebrides Islands (located off the coast of Scotland), was complacent and declining, with the young people turned off by a spirit of legalism and empty ritualistic religion. Alcoholism and despondency were serious problems plaguing the local communities. However, two sisters, Peggy Smith and Christine Smith, were not ready to surrender their island to Satan, so they began to pray fervently for revival. Who were these two women? Peggy was 84-years-old and blind, and her 82-year-old sister, Christine, suffered from severe arthritis, but they were committed prayer warriors and together their prayers and petitions sparked a revival.

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