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How many of you have looked at yourself in a mirror at least once today? I’ve looked several times. We look in the mirror to assess how we look to ourselves, but have you ever stopped to consider that what other people see when they look at us is the exact opposite of what we see in the mirror? I don’t mean this spiritually, but literally the mirror image is the opposite of who we really are. In the mirror our right is left, and our left is right, and we part our hair on the other side of our head. We spend a lot of time looking at ourselves in the mirror and we think we know how other people see us, but if we could hear what people say behind our back, we might be surprised. We think we look and act like a Christian, but we might be shocked to hear them saying that we think we’re better than everyone else. Or, they might have seen that little outburst of anger, and they’re saying, “I thought he was a Christian!

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